THQP230 Double Pole Circuit Breaker Review

THQP230 Double Pole Circuit Breaker

THQP breakers are a smaller, smarter solution for today’s cost- and quality-conscious contractors and homeowners. Half the width of standard breakers, they allow use of smaller load centers and for maximum savings of space and money. GE is the only manufacturer that gives you this cost advantage without sacrificing flexibility. THQP breakers are one-half the width of standard GE breakers but identical in design. They are available from 15 to 50 amps and in single and two pole construction. Trip Style: Non-Interchangeable Frame Type: Q-Line Amperage: 30A System Voltage: 120 Vac , 120/240 Vac Poles: 2 Trip Function: LI Continuous Current Rated: Standard 120 Vac Interrupting Rating: 10 KAIC 120/240 Vac Interrupting Rating: 10 KAIC Suitable for Reverse Feed: Yes Wire Range (Cu/Al): 8-4 kcmil / 8-4 kcmil Product Line: Q-Line (Plug-In) UL File #: E11592 Long Time: Fixed Instantaneous: Fixed Protective Relays: No Current Metering: No Special Markings: HACR GSA Compliance: Yes GO Schedule: 138A.

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